Give Blood, Save a Life.

Today I am going to encourage all my readers to consider donating blood.

  • Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood.

That is a lot of blood. I personally know people who have received life saving blood, and I bet you do too.

  • More than 38,000 blood donations are needed every day.

Donating blood is relatively quick and easy. With a basic whole blood donation the average time is one hour. Start to finish, from the moment you sign in until the time you get in your car. One hour every couple of months to save lives.

  • One donation can help save the lives of up to three people.

Three people! Can you think of another way to save three peoples lives with only an hour of your time? And guess what, you can bring a book, or your Ipod or whatever you might have been doing at home anyways.

  • Less than 38 percent of the U.S. population is eligible to give blood.

Lots of risky behaviors can prevent someone from being able to donate blood including drug use and sex with prostitutes. Since I don’t figure many of my readers fit into those categories I will mention that you have to be feeling healthy (no cold or flu symptoms) at the time of your donation and you will usually have to wait a year before donating after any new piercings or tattoos. For more information on who can and can’t donate check out these links.

Age/Weight Requirements

Detailed Qualifications

  • Only 5 percent of people eligible to give blood actually do.

That number is maybe the scariest of all. After everything we know about our nation’s blood needs, why are people so unwilling to make a life saving donation?

  • 17 percent of non-donors cite “never thought about it” as the main reason for not giving, while 15 percent say they’re too busy.

I actually used to be one of the people who was not going to donate. Mostly I was scared about how I would feel afterward. Somehow along the way I was finally convinced and did a donation. (It was a Pint for a Pint program which traded coupons for free beer at a local microbrewery) You know what? It was no big deal. The type of donation I do is called a 2RBC (double red blood cell). Unlike a whole blood donation the blood is sent through a machine that separates it. It takes twice the number of red blood cells, but puts back in the other components such as the plasma. It also pumps in a saline solution which leaves the donor more hydrated than before. It does take a little longer than a whole blood donation but requires a longer span of time in between donations. (And for those worried about the needles, this type of donation uses a smaller needle!)

So please consider giving someone the free gift of life.

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