Their Little Hearts

I love being a stay at home mom. I am so thankful that my husband wants me to be here with our children as much as I do. I love that the time invested in them everyday is more important to us than fancy cars, eating meals out, or expensive vacations. I love that I get to see them learn more everyday. When asked they can point to their belly, tap their head, stick out their tongue, give a high five, give kisses, and so many other cool little things. They are so smart! Another thing that I have been noticing more and more recently is the kindness and generosity they have in their little hearts.

It began with sharing food. Alyssa especially would want to share her food with her sister, or even one of us. It makes her giggle to no end when we allow her to feed us something off her tray.

Then they started wanting us to feel their ‘touch and feel’ books.  It wasn’t enough for them to get to touch it, they want to share the experience with us and will reach out and grab our fingers and put them down to the book. Mostly Alyssa, but they both will do it from time to time.

Next, they started helping me by handing me things. When I am changing diapers, Kylie especially will hand me the wipes, or the new diaper. (Sometimes she will  hand me the old dirty diaper as well…) But I love her little helping heart.

Last week we went and visited my cousin and her new baby, Abigail in San Francisco. The girls were absolutely mesmerized by Abby and would watch whatever she was doing, even if it was only sleeping. When we first arrived she was asleep in her carseat and almost right away Kylie went over and tried to give her a stuffed animal. Later while she was awake and crying, both girls attempted to share one of their toys with her- hoping to make her happy again.

Today Alyssa fell and hit her head against the wall. Sweet Kylie went over to her and gave her their stuffed gorilla.

I am so proud of each of them, and truly enjoy watching their little personalities develop. Stay sweet my little munchkins!


Photo taken by Courtney Lee




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Why I Can’t Wait To Go Home, Reason #6

A dishwasher.

Sure ours is loud and only does a so so job. Never the less I can’t wait to go home, use a bunch of dishes and let it do the job for me.

Also included in today’s post… dishes. I can’t wait to eat off a real plate again. At the apartment we are using (and washing) plastic plates, so we didn’t have to pack our entire kitchen.

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Why I Can’t Wait To Go Home, Reason #5

Ice Cream.

As you may have read in previous posts, we love ice cream. It is a nightly tradition to have a bowl of ice cream mixed with some kind of chocolate candy. Since moving to California, our food budget has gotten blown way out of proportion (stupid higher cost of living!) and the ice cream didn’t make the cut.

I miss you old friend… even though I like the way my clothes are fitting much better without you.

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A Future Career?

The girls are apparently huge magic fans and have been practicing for the illusion “saw a woman in half”. The trick is usually done by two women curling up in a box- one’s the head, and one’s the legs. I am not sure how it was decided who was who, but both girls were obviously on board.

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Why I Can’t Wait To Go Home, Reason #4

Longer Showers.

The water heater here at the apartment it not very big and so there is just barely enough warm water for me to get all my shaving and washing needs taken care of before it turns cold. And since I only get 2 (sometimes 3) showers per week, everyone of those steps is vital.

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Happy Home-iversary Kylie!

Today marks the one year anniversary of when Kylie Paige came home from the hospital and our whole family was finally together again. It was a wonderful day that we were able to share with my dad and step-mom, Russell’s parents, one of his brothers and my grandmother. The road to bringing her home was long and emotional. We really struggled with her being in the NICU for so long, and had come to the conclusion that we were going to check her out anyways, even if her doctors didn’t think she was ready. We had decided this the night before she was released, about an hour before the hospital called and told me she would be discharged the next day. It was such a weight off our shoulders! The decision to check our preemie baby out of the hospital against the advice of doctors was a tough one to come to, so we were very relieved that we were able to bring her home with the support of the hospital staff.

The day we brought Alyssa home while wonderful and special, was also very bittersweet. I have mentioned before the sadness I felt having to leave Kylie behind, truly alone for the first time. Kylie’s home-iversary was full of pure joy and excitement. Our family was all home together. I remember feeling like things were just really right. Here are some pictures of that very special day.

Mom and Dad and baby Bear

family checking out the girls together

together at last

Grandpa and Grandma time!

Kylie (left) Alyssa (right)

Alyssa celebrated Kylie coming home

Four generations!

To celebrate Kylie’s come home day, we decided to go to a play gym. MyGym was incredible and the girls had a very good time. If there is one in your area I highly recommend it. The staff was awesome, the activities were age appropriate and there was plenty for the girls to climb and jump on. Here are some pictures from our day.

Alyssa playing around

ball pit fun

Kylie giving another kid the "don't touch my ball" look

Kylie in the ball pit

Dad and Kylie going through the "car wash"

Lissie doing a little hanging

They also had a high bar (that I didn’t get any pictures with :/ ) But both girls hung on all by themselves. The staff were completely blown away and said they had never seen kids that age be able to hang on by themselves at all, let alone for as long as the girls did.


This next picture is the part that really made me so proud. They do a thing called “separation time” where they bring a bunch of toys onto this red circle and the parents put the kids in and then step back, so they get some play time without mommy and daddy there. If your child came over to you, you were supposed to just bring them back and encourage them to play without you. Our girls were the only kids who never left the circle! They never once tried to find us, or seemed nervous or scared at all. They mostly just watched everyone else playing, but finally got in on the fun at the end. They didn’t even stay near each other, they were totally independent! I was so proud of my little girls!!

separation time

Kylie- you are so special and funny and brave. You add so much to our lives and I could not imagine not having you every single day. I love you so much little Bear!

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A Good Kind Of Day

Today is turning out to be fabulous so far. Russell is (mostly) off and we began our day with a fun family outing to celebrate Kylie’s come home day. It is actually tomorrow, but the thing we wanted to do to celebrate wasn’t available tomorrow. Stay tuned to see what her special outing was, and of course see pictures! We had a lot of fun and so did the girls- they made their Mama so proud!

Anyways, when we got home I found out I won a Starbucks giftcard thanks to my friend over @ TwingleMommy. Woohoo! I think a yummy apple cider might be in my near future. Stop on by and check out her blog. She has boy/girl twins just a little older than my girls- plus a 3 year old daughter! Her daughter likes to climb and be crazy like our girls, so she always has something entertaining going on over there.

I got a package with two adorable hats that my step mom made to match these beautiful dresses she did for their birthday. We put them on the girls and they just knew they were cute! I don’t have a picture with the hats yet, but you can expect one sometime in the future.

I also have the early makings of some Buckeyes in my fridge. These terrible and delicious treats are a new-found favorite of mine, and since we have had to cut back our ice cream budget, Russell and I are both aching for some yummy peanut butter and chocolate goodness.

Hopefully the rest of the day turns out as well as this first part has gone. Happy weekend everyone!

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Why I Can’t Wait To Go Home, Reason #3

No more noisy neighbors.

I had forgotten, or maybe didn’t realize before I had kids, how loud neighbors can be. Our downstairs neighbors play some kind of video games or movies that the bass makes our floor rumble. The neighbors on one side are pretty good for the most part, but sometimes party a little loud- luckily a couple rooms and walls separate them from our nursery. And the neighbors on the other side literally hammer multiple times every day, and at all hours. How is this even possible? What could need so much hammering? Thank you very much, but I can’t wait to get back to a nice quiet neighborhood and no more sharing of walls.

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Why I Can’t Wait To Go Home, Reason #2

A Garage. Attached to the house.

No more parking a ways away and having to carry both girls (upstairs too!) by myself. I miss our attached garage where I can bring one kid in and set her down before I get her sister. I will also enjoy not having to bring in the groceries from so far away.

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Why I Can’t Wait To Go Home, Reason #1

Two Cribs.

Two full sized cribs for two kids. Not two toddlers sharing one pack and play. The day has come and gone where the girls like to cuddle up in their sleep. Now they like to kick each other, climb on each other, and steal blankets, bears, etc from each other in their sleep.

Side note, where did my tiny little babies go?

(that is one burp cloth they are both sleeping on)

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