Thanksgiving in March

I have been MIA for quite some time now, and have actually been procrastinating this post for a few days. I thought about doing a “thankful” post while on our drive home, but have been feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things I am thankful for. Not something to complain about – I know! Anyways, I am just going to get started and add over the next few days if I need too.

I am thankful…

… that when we drive to Vegas from LA we are going against the traffic. I do not envy the people going the other way!

… to my family who DO drive the other way about once a month to come visit us.

… our house felt just as good as I had imagined it feeling when we got home.

… for the case of Durango Wheat Beer I rediscovered in the guest room closet, brought to us by our friends the Collins.

… that I am done nursing and can enjoy said wheat beer. (I just opened one!)

… that I was able to exclusively pump for over a year and give our girls what I believe to be the best start possible.

… for the connections I have made through my Mothers of Multiples groups.

… to Holly and Allison for providing me support and encouragement, for being friends.

… for the various people who have lent/gifted us money, resources, and time during this unstable period in our lives.

… to Russell’s parents who covered our airfare to TX and made it possible for us to attend Brad and Jessica’s wedding, and introduce the girls to more of their family- including 3 great grandparents!

… for all our family and friends who made time to come visit us as we made our way down CA and back to Las Vegas.

… to my very best friends Robin and Erin. They have been with me through so much and are always there when I need love, advice, laughter and even criticism.

… for my parents.

I cannot begin to explain how thankful I am to the amazing people I have guiding me in my life. They always make me feel loved. I know that they are behind me even if they disagree with my choices. (When I wanted to move to TX when I was just 19 to follow some guy?) <— Didn’t turn out too bad since I ended up marrying him! I know they would be there at the drop of a hat if I needed them. They give me feedback, council, and truck loads of encouragement. They adore my husband and treat him just like he was their own son. When I am crying and need someone to talk to, when we needed help moving in and out, when I feel like I have no where else to turn – my parents are there. And you can tell, whether it is some sodas for the road or an envelope full of cash, it brings them so much joy to be there for us. So Mom & Steve, Dad & Joanne – I love you all so much. Thank you for being exactly what I need and the best parents I can imagine!

… for my daughters.

I am not ignorant. I know the risks and statistics for a pregnancy like mine. I have read too many stories about families losing one or both babies. I look at those girls and feel joy and thanks EVERY day. They blow my mind how healthy, smart, sweet and brave they are. I feel so lucky I get to spend every day with them and I look forward to getting to know them more and more as time goes on.

… for my amazing husband.

I am choosing to keep this one short and sweet. Some things I would like to keep special just for us. But I will tell you I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life by his side.

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  1. This is a beautiful post! I am so thankful for your friendship as well. The parts about your family and girls made me tear up!

  2. I love you so much!

  3. umm, Love you!

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