Limerick Lane Review

Russell and I were fortunate enough recently that we were able to go wine tasting in the Russian River Valley. For Free! I had picked up some coupons for free tastings from the California Welcome Center in Santa Rosa, and we had a friend come watch the girls for us (the first time we EVER left them with anyone other than our parents!) and off we went.

The first, and by far our favorite, winery we visited was called Limerick Lane. This one had stood out to both of us in advance. Russell liked the name and the brochure, I liked that they specialize in Zinfandels and Syrahs (my two favorite wines). When we arrived for our free tasting we soon learned that the property is only 30 acres and employs just four full time staff in addition to the owner. They had four wines open for us to taste. The Pinot Noir, the Zinfandel, their Zin/Syrah blend called 1023, and the Syrah. After they discovered how much we enjoyed their wines and that we had chosen this winery specifically for these types of wine, they opened their limited Old Vine Zinfandel. Of the 30 acres on the property only 4 remain from the original vines planted in 1910 – the Old Vines. Well, was I ever glad that they opened that one for us, it was amazing! Needless to say we left with a bottle, and made sure we could order more online. After we were finished with our tasting we were given a small tour of the property and even got to see the old vines that our wine was grown on. It was so much fun.

If you are ever in the area and have the chance to visit Limerick Lane I highly recommend it! If not, visit their website and try a bottle. Guess what I’d recommend…

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  1. I was honored to be “the first”! The girls were amazing and oh so cute!!!

    I can’t wait to go try Limerick Lane sometime with Hans! šŸ™‚

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