Their Little Hearts

I love being a stay at home mom. I am so thankful that my husband wants me to be here with our children as much as I do. I love that the time invested in them everyday is more important to us than fancy cars, eating meals out, or expensive vacations. I love that I get to see them learn more everyday. When asked they can point to their belly, tap their head, stick out their tongue, give a high five, give kisses, and so many other cool little things. They are so smart! Another thing that I have been noticing more and more recently is the kindness and generosity they have in their little hearts.

It began with sharing food. Alyssa especially would want to share her food with her sister, or even one of us. It makes her giggle to no end when we allow her to feed us something off her tray.

Then they started wanting us to feel their ‘touch and feel’ books.  It wasn’t enough for them to get to touch it, they want to share the experience with us and will reach out and grab our fingers and put them down to the book. Mostly Alyssa, but they both will do it from time to time.

Next, they started helping me by handing me things. When I am changing diapers, Kylie especially will hand me the wipes, or the new diaper. (Sometimes she will  hand me the old dirty diaper as well…) But I love her little helping heart.

Last week we went and visited my cousin and her new baby, Abigail in San Francisco. The girls were absolutely mesmerized by Abby and would watch whatever she was doing, even if it was only sleeping. When we first arrived she was asleep in her carseat and almost right away Kylie went over and tried to give her a stuffed animal. Later while she was awake and crying, both girls attempted to share one of their toys with her- hoping to make her happy again.

Today Alyssa fell and hit her head against the wall. Sweet Kylie went over to her and gave her their stuffed gorilla.

I am so proud of each of them, and truly enjoy watching their little personalities develop. Stay sweet my little munchkins!


Photo taken by Courtney Lee




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  1. Awesome pictures! Watching their personalities is so much fun – most of the time. It’s those challenging personality traits that start to emerge that are not as fun 😉

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