Happy Home-iversary Kylie!

Today marks the one year anniversary of when Kylie Paige came home from the hospital and our whole family was finally together again. It was a wonderful day that we were able to share with my dad and step-mom, Russell’s parents, one of his brothers and my grandmother. The road to bringing her home was long and emotional. We really struggled with her being in the NICU for so long, and had come to the conclusion that we were going to check her out anyways, even if her doctors didn’t think she was ready. We had decided this the night before she was released, about an hour before the hospital called and told me she would be discharged the next day. It was such a weight off our shoulders! The decision to check our preemie baby out of the hospital against the advice of doctors was a tough one to come to, so we were very relieved that we were able to bring her home with the support of the hospital staff.

The day we brought Alyssa home while wonderful and special, was also very bittersweet. I have mentioned before the sadness I felt having to leave Kylie behind, truly alone for the first time. Kylie’s home-iversary was full of pure joy and excitement. Our family was all home together. I remember feeling like things were just really right. Here are some pictures of that very special day.

Mom and Dad and baby Bear

family checking out the girls together

together at last

Grandpa and Grandma time!

Kylie (left) Alyssa (right)

Alyssa celebrated Kylie coming home

Four generations!

To celebrate Kylie’s come home day, we decided to go to a play gym. MyGym was incredible and the girls had a very good time. If there is one in your area I highly recommend it. The staff was awesome, the activities were age appropriate and there was plenty for the girls to climb and jump on. Here are some pictures from our day.

Alyssa playing around

ball pit fun

Kylie giving another kid the "don't touch my ball" look

Kylie in the ball pit

Dad and Kylie going through the "car wash"

Lissie doing a little hanging

They also had a high bar (that I didn’t get any pictures with :/ ) But both girls hung on all by themselves. The staff were completely blown away and said they had never seen kids that age be able to hang on by themselves at all, let alone for as long as the girls did.


This next picture is the part that really made me so proud. They do a thing called “separation time” where they bring a bunch of toys onto this red circle and the parents put the kids in and then step back, so they get some play time without mommy and daddy there. If your child came over to you, you were supposed to just bring them back and encourage them to play without you. Our girls were the only kids who never left the circle! They never once tried to find us, or seemed nervous or scared at all. They mostly just watched everyone else playing, but finally got in on the fun at the end. They didn’t even stay near each other, they were totally independent! I was so proud of my little girls!!

separation time

Kylie- you are so special and funny and brave. You add so much to our lives and I could not imagine not having you every single day. I love you so much little Bear!

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  1. What a very special day! Happy Home-iversary Kylie!! I cannot imagine what it must have been like to have your girls apart for so long. I was able to bring Ace home with me (no NICU stay), but Ky had to stay for 4 days and that was hard enough!

  2. Awwe thats sooo awesome!

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