Is This Normal?

This morning Alyssa and Kylie were playing fabulously by themselves. So I let them. The living room is a disaster and the toy bin did get dumped out all over the place, but they were having fun and being quiet so it was a good morning. But then I came over and found something very interesting. They had put a few items back into the toy bin, and they were ALL yellow. There was not a single thing in there that wasn’t yellow.

Is this normal?

I was so impressed by their ability to recognize similar colors and group them together. But it also makes me wonder if they are showing early signs of OCD? Either way, I took a picture to show you. Have any of you had a similar experience with your kids?

(the yellow link in Kylie’s mouth was also in the bin, but she pulled it out when I got the camera)

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  1. G did something similar at about that age by holding up a turquoise toy to her grandma’s shirt that was the same color… we all thought she was genius 😉

  2. Wow! Very impressive!

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