My Babies Are Toddlers!

About a week ago sent me an email telling me about the growth and development of a one year old. I’ve talked about this before. Anyways, this week one of the topics of discussion was, “When is a baby officially a toddler?” Some say once you hit the first birthday mark, you’re a toddler. Others say once you take your first steps. Either way, it put our girls squarely in the toddler category. That was all fine and good, and I didn’t give it much more thought than that.

Until today.

Today, we were shopping at a store that had a kid play area. (A gated off corner with toys and a table for kids to play while mom and dad shop.) I had sent Russell and the girls over to that area of the store just to look at some of the toys there while I did some shopping, not knowing about this play area. When I came back to find them I saw the girls playing so wonderfully you would never guess they’d never done it before. It is silly, I know. But I almost cried.

My babies aren’t babies anymore… they are toddlers.

The got in that play area and never looked back. Seriously, not even for a picture!

There was a little kitchen, and a table and chairs, and a whole bunch of toys they had never seen. They walked around and played and didn’t care about mom or dad, or anyone else. They were having a blast. Here are a couple shots I did manage to get.

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  1. Tear… but them playing at the table is too darling!

  2. Miss them and you!

  3. So cute.

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