The Beginning of the End

I stole the title for today’s post from one of my favorite shows, LOST. But it does seem fitting for my topic. Now that the girls have reached that one year mark I am finally going to stop pumping breast milk for them. I truly believe this is the best start you can give a baby and was committed to giving them as much as I could for their first year. But, now that that mark has come and gone I have decided to give it up. It was terribly inconvenient and time consuming and those things I will not miss. No more having to say “excuse me I need to go pump” every two hours when we have family visiting. No more worrying about where I was going to pump if we were going to be in the car for a couple of hours, or at the beach.

But it is an interesting mindset to try to break out of. I still find myself thinking, “o.k. if I pump right now I’ll be able to get in one more pumping before they nap”. And It is hard not to be excited or proud even when I have a big pumping. I need to remember… that is what I am trying to work away from. Plus I find myself feeling guilty to my little girls. Could they not benefit from me pumping longer? And what if it is like their favorite food and I am denying that to them for the rest of their lives? I did not expect to be so conflicted about this, especially since I have been counting down the months for about the last 6 months!

Anyways, here some interesting info. I have pumped roughly 15 min, 9 times a day for 11 months, and 4 times a day in the last month. That amounts to almost 784 hours spent pumping- over 32 days! Imagine all the free time I am going to have!!!

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  1. From what Doctors have told me… its NOT going to harm them at a year to give them milk. I know they say mom’s milk is best.. but they say that there are no nutritional benefits to bf after a year. If you think about it.. unless one eats PERFECTLY with EVERY bite.. your baby gets what you are eating and drinking. So in my opinion milk with a daily vitamin with iron supplement (like I still give my three year old) works just as well as formula after a year etc.

    The whole statistics of a bf baby is healthier than a formual fed baby doesnt fly in my book either. With my frist son I didnt bf. Tried in the hospital and gave up. He was strictly formula fed and he gets sick ones to twice a year if that.

    My three year old that I bf for almost 4 months was sick a LOT with colds and bronchitis for the first 2 years of his life. So.. thats just a thought.

    A mothers milk is good.. but we are only human and through the milk our babies get whatever we consume. You went a year and thats WONDERFUL don’t you feel bad at all about switching to milk. You should be VERY proud.

    But if you want to keep it up.. go for it. Just dont let your self feel guilty about. You of all people have NOTHING to feel guilty about! *hugs*

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