30 Blog Challenge, Day 26!

A funny (true) story.

I have put this one off for a while. To be honest, unless a post is of a serious nature, I usually try to be pretty funny. While that might not always work out like I want, at least I am trying. So today’s post feels very open ended. I guess I will mention something I thought was funny this morning.

We have a book for the girls. Actually we have quite a few books for them, but we only brought a handful with us on our move. One of those books in called “My Little Word Book” and it has lots of pictures of things they might see and the word that goes along with it. Truck, Sun, Ball, Man, etc. As you might be able to imagine, with two nearly one year olds (yikes! is their birthday really less than 10 days away!?!) things like books -even those made for kids- can get destroyed fairly easily. Such is the case with this book. In fact yesterday Russell had mentioned maybe we only let the girls “read” books with adult supervision. I argued that while they might be rough on them, the girls absolutely LOVE looking at their books and really study them, so we decided to let them be. Well… as it turns out the girls might not be the only ones to blame for the destruction of their books. Today I caught our cat Leila chewing on said book. And wait for it… here is the part that made me use it for the funny story. The part she was chewing on was the picture of the cat.

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  1. Oh, funny! Our kids are really hard on books too. We’ve had to throw several away, actually. But I’d still rather them be allowed to interact with books independently than not. We just keep the nicer books put up for bedtime reading. They can be tough on the dollar store books if they want.

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