30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 23!

A Favorite Video.

This is just one of many times I wish I had digital copies of old videos I have made. We can go way back in time to when my brother and I created a show called “Air Time”. I actually can’t remember the show at all, except that the intro involved us pointing the camera at the TV creating weird bars of colors all over the place. We filmed this of course, with a camera that had to be plugged into the VCR, which then had to be carried around where ever you wanted to film. There were, however, some amazing commercial breaks during Air Time. I could describe them, but only seeing them would do them justice.

From my high school days with my best friend Robin, I would also post “A Day in the Life of Professor Cone”. And the lesser known, but still awesome sequel, “Professor Cone Falls in Love”. (Professor Cone being a traffic cone we stole. Who also made an appearance here) The first video included a dirty traffic cone checking into a hotel, taking a shower, saluting a flag and hot tubing with tourists. In the sequel the cone is in a car accident, which leads him to find his true love “Nurse Cone-ita”.

The “You Give Love a Bad Name” music video would have to be included as well. The set, costumes, hair extensions and hospital room scene are complimented by an extremely talented cast, many of whom also appeared in the “Behind the Music: Bon Jovi” video we also made.

But sadly, I do not have digital copies of any of these fabulous videos. So I am forced to post something mediocre that I am sure everyone in the world has already seen, but it does make me laugh every time.

Click here to watch.

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