30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 22!

A Favorite Joke.

I must be super boring, because I do not have a favorite joke. Actually, I don’t know who does have favorite jokes… maybe comedians, but that is probably about it. Since I have no answer for today’s topic I am going to do something similar.

A Favorite Prank.

I actually love pranks, as long as they are not on me : ) I have been known to put saran wrap over a toilet seat or two in my time. But my favorite prank I ever pulled was with my partner in crime and best friend, Robin. We went to our favorite english teacher’s house one night, and tied his front door to his porch railing. Thus, keeping the door (which should open inward) from being able to open. We left just enough slack in the rope to allow the door to be opened enough to see a traffic cone dressed as a pirate, holding the remainder of the rope. We did not leave enough slack that scissors  or a knife could be used to cut the rope. We were nice enough to do this during summer vacation, so he wouldn’t have to deal with it when he tried to leave for work. We, however, did not account for the fact that his wife had to be at work. Anyways, a certain teacher had to climb out his bedroom window to untie his front door, and a certain wife said if we ever did anything to their house again she would call the police.

Next time I’ll tell you about the stuff we started doing to his car.

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