I need a husband that won’t drive me crazy- 1/20

I was RIGHT!

In a marriage there are times you have to say “I was right” and it feels terrible, and there are times when you get to say “I was right” and it is hilarious. I was lucky enough to get two of those times on our honeymoon. Once, involving Russell, my parents’ video camera, flip flops, a rainy day, and a muddy hill. I was telling Russell to be very careful walking down this hill with the camera on loan from my parents. He told me he was being careful and kept taping- watching the screen instead of where he was going. Anyways, he slipped and since he was filming at the time it was actually caught on videotape. Amazing. The second time on our honeymoon I got to feel this joy was while we were kayaking in the cove outside our Hawaiian beach house. I was telling him to be careful not to get stuck up on the reef, and literally he was in the middle of telling me how impossible it was to get stuck- that he got stuck. These two moments bring so much joy to my heart. Like they were foreshadowing our whole marriage.

Anyways, while we were packing to move to Santa Rosa, I said I wanted to bring the small stereo from the girls’ room. It is old and has been giving us a little trouble not wanting to start all the time, but it works mostly and was easy. Despite my concerns that it would use batteries vs. a power cord, Russell persuaded me to let him bring a portable walkman (yes, we still have a walkman) and some speakers. It saved space, he said. It would start easily, he said. While I admit it does do those to things, it also brings along a whole bunch of wires that just lay on the floor speaking to the girl’s. “Come play with me” they say. AND since it does not have a power cord it eats its way through AA batteries like crazy. We have been here slightly less than 2 weeks. I have already had to change the batteries 4 times. We still have many more weeks left here, and not an unlimited supply of batteries.

So… Russell- I told you so.   🙂

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  1. I’ve made a huuuge mistake…

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