30 Day Blog Challenge, Days 14-20!

O.k. so basically I suck at this challenge. Maybe during the holidays and moving was not the smartest time to try to do it. Anyways, I decided to do a major catch-up. So here you go!

Day 14- an old photo.

This one is hard since I don’t have any of my old photo albums here at the apartment, so I only have what is already on my computer. This one of my brother and I is always good for a laugh though.

Day 15- My Celebrity Crush.

Mr. Tom Hanks. O.k. I know he isn’t your typical crush kinda guy- but I love him. He is handsome, funny and sweet. While they were filming Angles and Demons in Rome, the set impeded a bride from getting to her wedding, so Tom stopped filming and personally escorted her through the set. Now that would have made my wedding day the best day of my life!

Day 16- A Favorite Food.

This one is also tough as I have many favorites. Chinese, Italian, Breakfast for Dinner. MMMmmm. But I am going to have to go with a nice plate of Chow Mein. That sounds good just about any time.

Day 17- A Photo of my Family.

I am lucky enough to have quite a few families. I have two sets of parents, my mom Cathy and her husband Steve, my dad Mike and his wife Joanne, there’s my brother Pat and his fiance Angie, my in-laws- Russ, Cheryl, Chris and Brad (and his fiance Jessica), and my husband Russell and our two daughters- Alyssa and Kylie. Since I have no pictures that include all of those people, so here is a special one. This is the first picture taken of our family of four.

Day 18- A Baby Photo.

This says A baby photo, so I tempted to put one of my girls, but I think they mean a photo of ME as a baby, so…

Aren’t I cute?!

Day 19- A Fun Memory.

I was recently thinking about the night before Russell and I got married. We just got to spend our 5 year anniversary in the same town we got married in. To celebrate we went out for a beer and the same place we went to the night before our wedding. Peter B’s. It was a very fun night (before we had kids!) that I think deserves a couple of pictures. Enjoy.

Day 20- A Hobby of Mine.

Finally! An easy one! My new hobby is totally sewing. I love it and I am obsessed making stuff for everyone I can. My girls have more pants than they can probably use, my cousin who is pregnant has a bag full of stuff waiting for her. Every baby shower I have gone to has gotten something. I am loving it! Check out one of my recent projects! Click Here.

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