30 Day Challenge, Day 12!

Something I bought recently.

Since we have living off a little more than unemployment since August, and we are gearing up for a 3 month stint with no income, the list of things I have bought recently consists mostly of food items and utilities. We did, however, shell out a fairly large chunk of change to have a trailer hitch attached to the Subaru. We did this with the intention that the Subaru would pull a small trailer on our drive up to northern California. We made this purchase on December 22.

On December 23, this happened.

Russell was in an accident while pulling out of a grocery store parking lot. Everyone was o.k. but the Subaru took quite a beating. We sent him off to the shop in hopes that he would still be able to make the trip with us (especially since he is our only working car at the moment) but soon found out he will be in the shop about 3 weeks after we have to leave.

Thankfully, my Dad and Step-mom have graciously decided to let us borrow their truck to get our stuff up to Santa Rosa, and will come to pick up the Subaru when he is out of the shop and drive it up to Monterey for us. Without them I don’t think this trip would have happened, and I am so thankful for a family that makes me feel so supported in everything I do.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to make this dream a reality!!!

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  1. I’m so glad your dad is so good to you and Russell! He loves you and your family very much.

  2. I’m so sorry this happened to you guys at such an inopportune time. I am very glad you were able to get a car to borrow until it is fixed though. I wish you guys the best on your trip and during your stay out there! We will have to keep in close touch while you’re away. 🙂

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