Changing Names

I have come to the conclusion that the name of my blog is very boring. I have been wanting to change it for a while actually, but if I am going to do it I want the next one to stick. Here are some new names I am throwing around in my head. I need some help from you all. Which one do you like? Is there something you think is better that I have not thought of?

Ramblings of a Twin Mom

The Cheerio Distributor

Twinfinite Fun

Any good suggestions will be added to the list! Please vote (as often as you’d like) for the next two days, and I’ll see what you all think the new name of the blog should be. Thanks for all your help!

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  1. I have to say my vote is based on the fact that you won’t always be a cheerio distributer (otherwise I would have chosen that one) and sometimes you blog about Russell or yourself so leaving room in the title for that is good I think. 🙂

  2. I think you already have the name that’s best: “Blessed with Twins” and it will be good no matter what age or stage they’re at. That’s my vote!

  3. I like the current name, too…it works just fine… But what about ‘Ag&KP…the twinsters’?

  4. I too think your current name is great. But if you want to change it.. umm.. The Eventful Life With Twins…. Family Life With Twins, The Journey With Twins, Tales Of Two Twins, Life Of A Mom With Twins, Every things Better In Twos, not very creative lol… sorry. Whatever you decide will be great! Keep up the awesome work! *hugs* to you and your adorable fam! Happy Holidays to you all!

  5. I LOVE “Twinfinite Fun” !!! So cute and creative!

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