She’s a tough one!

After dinner tonight, poor little Alyssa had a small crash. She and Kylie were playing in front of the fridge and she slipped or something, and face-planted right into the linoleum. I went in to comfort her and after only a few seconds of crying she was reaching for a toy. Then I noticed she had a little bit of blood on her finger. I soon discovered the poor girl had gotten a bloody nose. As my mom says, it is a first just like a first tooth or first word, so I quickly found the camera.

And to prove just how tough she is, she smiled.

Published in: on December 5, 2010 at 7:13 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. Poor lil thing.. 😦 breaks our hearts as parents to see our kids fall.. but that’s going to be happening a LOT now that they are mobile.. even more so when they start walking more and more! Hang in there. If only we could wrap our kids in bubble wrap and a helmet while they are young lol. Well ok.. how bout an invisible force field of some kind so no one could see it.. but it would serve its purpose lol.

  2. […] in typical twin fashion, just days after Alyssa got her bloody nose, Kylie face planted and had a small bloody nose as well. She, on the other hand was NOT all […]

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