Itsy Bitsy Spider

I was never able to develop a real love for reading. To this day there are very few books I have really enjoyed reading, and even fewer that are on my “want to read” list. But I am determined to try to instill in my kids a joy for reading and a love of books. While I was pregnant Russell read to the girls every night before bed. Long before they even had ears to hear he was reading to them. Every night before we left the NICU for the last time we would read a book to the girls. We have continued to read to them (not every night) as they have gotten bigger and it does seem that they truly enjoy it. Here is a picture of Russell reading to Alyssa when she was 4 months old.

So I have decided to make a few posts highlighting some of our favorite books. Tonight I want to share a book called Itsy Bitsy Spider, by Kate Toms. It is a very cute story about Itsy, a little spider friend, who is just trying to make his way back to his web. Despite my fear of spiders I really love this story. And truth be told, I have even looked at little spiders with more compassion than I did before. Not those big ones though, they still need to die.

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  1. That’s good, Nina…that you have respect at least for the little spiders… But, those BIG ones still gotta go! Ha! Your mom feels the same way…but even the little ones don’t get much mercy!

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