Making Halloween Costumes – part 2

O.k. So some of the info for this blog can be found in Making Halloween Costumes – part 1. My supply list and the cap pictures I am going to leave out since they are already there. Today I’ll show you how I made the baby bumble bee costume, complete with stinger!

First I made the cap, and Kylie was very excited about it.

Then I dyed the white onsie yellow using Rit Dye color Golden Yellow. This time it worked perfectly and the color came out exactly right!

Then I added the black stripes around the front and back. (If you do this make sure to fold the edges under on each side to prevent fraying)

After all the stripes were attached (I used the machine to do that part) it was time for the stinger. I sewed a small black spot on the butt for the stinger to attach to. Then I made the stinger by sewing a small cone and filling it with stuffing and a folded pipe cleaner (to help it keep shape). The I sewed velcro onto each end so the stinger could be attached for play, but removed while in the car seat/etc.

Once again I added the black leggings and called it a day!

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  1. So cute!

  2. SERIOUSLY adorable and you are soooooooooo crafty! you should put together a book girl! AWESOME job!

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