All About Bean – 11/8

Sorry today’s post is a little late in the day. We have Bean’s Grammy and Grampy visiting from Monterey this week and things are always a little crazy when we have company. This time change isn’t helping anything either. The girls are all thrown off on their schedule and are a little extra fussy.

Little Lissie is becoming quite the climber. Last night she climbed up the pet stairs, up onto to the couch and onto the end table and grabbed the remote control. I let her have it… I figured she worked so hard for it she deserved something πŸ™‚

She also has been doing this weird, creepy thing where she kind of grinds her teeth. Only she only has one little tooth on top that just poked though so it makes this clicking sound when she passes her lower teeth over it. I think she is working on the other top tooth to come out and so grinding her bottom teeth against the gums must feel good? I think it looks really painful since I know how sharp her little bottom ones are. And while it creeps us out, it must make her happy or she wouldn’t be doing it, so we let it continue. Not like we could really do anything to stop it anyways!

She did have one nasty fall off of (and onto!) a cardboard box today and got a scratch along her cheek. She is such a trooper though and barely cried at all.

She is also wearing her first pair of blue jeans ever! She looks so cute like a little person πŸ™‚ She doesn’t seem as comfortable in them though and has had some difficulty sitting on her little car and in crawling around. I think they are still a little too big and sag a bit. But she is so darn cute!

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