All About Bean – 11/3

I am a couple days late on my post about the Bean. I blame LOST season 6 on DVD that we received in the mail just before the weekend.  Any free time we have is now spent finally seeing how one of our favorite shows ends. Anyways, here it is… All About Bean.

Miss Alyssa finally discovered the real joys of crawling. While I mentioned before she had made some forward movement, mostly she was content to just sit and play with whatever was around her. Sometime last week she decided it was time. She was no longer happy with only what was within arms reach and so she started to explore. It has been a lot of fun seeing her getting into all the things Kylie has been getting in trouble playing with for the past month. She also loves to pop open the cassette player on our stereo. (YES we still have a stereo that plays cassettes!) When we tell her “no” she looks very surprised and looks to see what Kylie might be getting into. It is like she doesn’t believe she could get into trouble for anything. It is so cute it is hard not to smile at 🙂

That top tooth finally made its way through on Halloween, but she still seems easily cranky, so there may be another one right behind it. She is talking a lot now and her little voice is adorable. She adds a little “w” to her sounds. Like she’ll say “bwa bwa bwa”, it is so cute.  She is still thriving on the new bedtime and only woke up once last night to eat. We even had company and were up late talking and eating and she slept through it all.

It is a good thing I didn’t find the time to write this blog yesterday as her and I did not see eye to eye all day. She woke up early and had used up all my patience for her by 7am… not a good day in the making. Then she proceeded to fight her naps, wake her sister and all around be a crabby pants all day. But today she is looking very cute in a new outfit I got for her from one of the other moms in my mothers of multiples group. And she is being very cute just all around, so we’ll forget about yesterday.


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  1. My Danish grandfather spoke beautiful English except for the lettter v which always came out w. Example: the Valley highway was the Walley highway. Genetic? Maybe!

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