All About Bear – 10/21

Last night we got a pretty nice little storm come through Las Vegas. There was thunder and lightening and even rain. The girls both are completely apathetic about thunder. Every time there was a big clap we would look to them to see if they needed comfort. They, however, could not care less. As the rain started to really come down we opened the front door so they could watch. I noticed that the water was quickly rising on our front porch and was nearing the door. Since we have only been in the house one year we started to wonder if this area could possibly flood in a heavy rain. So we stood there watching to keep and eye on it. Our house did not flood, thankfully, but as we watched the Bear decided to make a break for it. She was determined to get out into the water. It is exactly her personality. Curious, adventurous, fearless, persistent.

She is cutting a new tooth right now. A top one. She is handling it much better than the first two and is hardly fussing at all. She has been waking up a few times at night, which is very unusual for her. She started saying “Mama”, although not necessarily to me yet. It has been a lot of fun listening to her finding her voice and experimenting with different sounds. (and volumes!)Ā  She also mouths sounds without actually making a noise – it is pretty funny. Especially when we are trying to get her to say “Dada”. She is trying so hard, but can only get the “mmm” and “ba” sounds to come out.

Today she is trying to help usher in fall by wearing a orange starry long-sleeve onsie and brown pants (with ruffles on the butt of course!). And later on we will see how much of a girly girl Bear will be. We are going to take her… shoe shopping! We are going to try and find little boots for the girls to wear during the winter. I am sure it will be an adventure no matter what happens. Life with twins always is.

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They kinda look like the mailman?

People have been telling us a lot recently that they think the girls look like me. Honestly, I don’t see it AT ALL. I think they look just like little clones of my husband. So here are a couple pictures to compare. It’s up to you to decide.

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I need a husband that won’t drive me crazy – 10/19

I must say I have loved doing these posts. Not only do I think they are fun and funny, but for some reason things are starting to change around here. Russell has been very sweet every monday (the day before I write these) and it makes me feel bad about picking on him. I don’t think it is intentional – he is just a good guy. Yesterday he cooked dinner, AND took the girls into the kitchen with him so I could have a few minutes of down time. He ALSO gave me a back rub. Pretty great, huh? Oh, and he did dishes after making dinner and didn’t even leave one soapy pot! I told you this blog is paying off!

But, alas, I must continue on my charge. So today my complaint is about the laundry. We have a laundry basket in our room, and while most of the time Russell can help his dirty clothes find the laundry hamper, he often doesn’t get them all the way into it. T-shirts, underwear, socks… I find all of them just hanging over the edge of the hamper. It drives me crazy!!!

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All About Bean – 10/18

Well, better late than never…

Miss Alyssa is doing fantastic. She had her first forward movement today, although it was only a little bit and consisted mostly of one knee and one foot action. She has found the puppy’s tail a great motivator. I don’t think she has a much interest in crawling as Kylie did. She is much more content to just sit and play than Kylie ever is.

Bean has been skipping a lot of afternoon/evening naps lately, and as a result has been fairly tired and cranky in the evenings. I think if the pattern continues we’ll just skip that afternoon nap altogether and make her bedtime a little earlier. I wouldn’t complain about that!

She had a very eventful weekend as we hosted the LV MoM’s yard sale. She got to meet a bunch of different moms and a couple other sets of twins, one of which she had a play date with yesterday. The twins, Kyden and Acacia are going to be three at the end of the year and Dawson will be one in just about two weeks. Possible future boyfriend? Who knows. Sparks weren’t exactly flying. I think she was more interested in his pacifier than she was him. He did keep trying to strip down to show her his awesome bod.Ā  šŸ™‚ As I said before Bean had skipped her nap that afternoon and was not very pleasant for her play date. But I think we all had fun none the less.

She was especially cute today. She wore a coral color snow bunny type long sleeve onsie that her Daddy and I could not get enough of. Here is a pic of her to end the night:

she does still have two arms, the other one is just hidden šŸ™‚

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Finally a product for people like me

Has anyone seen those commercials for the no-wash shampoos? Crazy, huh? Finally a product for people with as little time as I have. Now I don’t even need to find the time to shower! Apparently you spray it on, let it sit for a couple of minutes, brush it out and poof! your hair is as good as new. I’m curious… has anyone out there actually tried this? And if not, what are your thoughts. Gross, or an awesome invention?

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Yard Sale finds

Today we hosted the LV Mothers of Multiples Annual Fall Yard Sale at our house. I really enjoyed spending time with the other moms and getting to know them better. I also sold some stuff (earnings yet to be determined) and of course bought a few things too. Mostly in 12m-2t sizes since the girls are already so well dressed, but who knows in another year or so! Check out my finds!

The PJ’s on the right are meant to be for boys, but I love them so I don’t care. There are two pairs of them that were actually just given to me as a “thank you” for being the hostess. How sweet! I love all the clothes we picked out, and we did get one more set that isn’t pictured because I am going to give it to someone and I want her to be surprised when she see’s it. I am also really excited about the popper toy, I love the classic toys like that and am very happy to have found this one. Anyways, thanks to all the MoM’s who worked shifts, helped set up and clean up, and sold items. I had a lot of fun!

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Adventures in Parenting – Pet Edition?

My dad and I both love this stupid movie called The Replacements. It is a football movie, but not your classic football movie. The players are all washed up “has been’s” who get called upon when the pro’s go on strike. They go through a lot of struggles to work together as a team and find their groove as players. It is very funny and worth the watch. Anyways, there is this scene during their first game together where one guy (a former sumo wrestler) has been eating eggs prior to hitting the field, only to find out that they are not sitting as well in his stomach as one might have hoped. He ends up throwing up in the middle of a huddle. When the quarterback (Keanu Reeves – I told you is was a stupid movie!) refuses to move the huddle more players end up getting sick just from being nearby.

I am totally that type of person. I don’t think I’ve ever actually thrown up from watching someone else get sick, but it definitely makes me feel pretty icky for quite a while. I know there are plenty of people out there like me, but did you ever wonder if animals are the same way? After last night I believe they are! You see, Rusty has been sick since yesterday afternoon and so he was restricted to the bathroom last night. Leila’s food dish is in the same bathroom, and throughout the night Tank frequently goes in there to steal some of her food. At about 5 this morning they were all having a “pet convention”Ā  when Rusty came out of his kennel and started throwing up on the floor. Immediately Leila came darting out of the bathroom apparently to distance herself from Rusty. Tank however was semi trapped due to Rusty’s kennel blocking the door and his position. Not more than 30 seconds after Rusty finished getting sick Tank started to throw up as well! It was kinda funny actually. He must have been like “Oh man… Gross!”

Tank on top, Leila in the middle, Rusty on the bottom

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All About Bear – 10/14

Our little Bear has been on the move just a couple of weeks now, and as I mentioned before she is getting into all kinds of things. I also mentioned that she is a bit of a daredevil. Well, this week has been no exception. She is already climbing stairs!

Don’t believe me?

Here’s proof.

It is a little hard to see since she isn’t looking at the camera, but notice the big smile on her face. She is so excited. I give it only a couple more weeks before she is climbing the big tree in the front of the house. (Russell tested it out the first time we came to look at the house) It is about what we deserve though, and were expecting from any kids of Russell’s. He gave his parents many years of near-death experiences and so I have no doubt our girls will give us a few from time to time. I think it is called “The Mother’s Curse”. We should also expect about two years of solid screaming because of me. Oh boy.

Did anyone else give their parents any close calls growing up??? Pat – how about that time you spun the chair so hard it tipped over and I hit my head on the fireplace. The phone call to our aunt went something like this, “Aunt Kathy? I think I killed Nina”.

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Yay for nail art!

Sorry I missed a post yesterday. I’ll make up for it with two today!

Way back in January my awesome mother gave me manicure/pedicure gift cards for the year as a baby shower present. (I highly recommend this gift for any other moms to be!) So day before yesterday I went and took a little time for myself and got my nails done. Last time I went I was lucky enough to get a new girl by accident (the girl who was taking care of me could not do a little flower, despite three attempts – so she finally called in for reinforcements). Her name is Christina Carletto, and I love her. She is super cute and very friendly — I think it is weird when I spend two hours with someone and they barely say two words to me — and best of all, she loves to do nail art. I LOVE nail art. She is so fun and creative and willing to try new things all the time. Right now I have a mocha-y color on my toes and she did an autumn leaf with like green vines and stuff on my big toe nail. Very cool. On my ring finger she did a purple flower with sparkly silver accents over a coral color. I’ve tried to take some pictures, but the just don’t do it justice. Anyways, if you live in Vegas I highly recommend checking her out. Here is her facebook page where you can request an appointment and see some of her work.

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I need a husband that won’t drive me crazy – 10/12

I say it every week, but let me say it again – IĀ  have an amazing husband who I love very much. These posts are just for fun… he even comes up with some of them himself. On Tuesday mornings sometimes he will leave a cabinet or something open and ask if I need any new material šŸ™‚

But today I am not going to complain about anything left open! Shocking, I know. Today my complaint is about Russell doing dishes. (are you saying “I wish my husband even did dishes” yet?) You see, whenever my dear husband does dishes he always leaves one pot wish soapy water still in the sink. He says it is in case there are any dishes he doesn’t see he can wash them without using more soap. Fine, I guess, in theory except that there are rarely any dishes left behind. So then since there are no more dishes to do that one pot just sits in my sink. An almost clean kitchen tainted by that one straggler, soapy pot.

It drives me crazy!!!

On a side note: my wonderful brother called me after last week’s post and informed me the next time he comes to visit he is going to leave every cabinet open about 1 inch. Thanks, Pat. I love you too!

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