All About Bear – 10/28

Yesterday we went over to Sears to get some pictures taken. They were offering a free portrait collage and no sitting fee, so off we went! We got our collage of the girls in their Halloween costumes that I made, and they were so cute. Bear, being our “free smiler” as I call her, was very cooperative and gave lots of cute smiles. I don’t want to say she is more social because she doesn’t really like strangers (or sometimes grandparents right at first) but she is willing to open up more quickly and will smile at very small things. Bean is much more reserved and will make you work much harder for a smile.

I mentioned on Monday that we adjusted the girls’ bedtime schedule and that Lissie was thriving on the new bedtime. The Bear, however, has not adjusted quite as well. She has been waking up in the middle of the night but when she wakes up she is awake. Talking, smiling, ready to play. I don’t want her to think 2am is playtime, so when she does wake up we pull her out of the crib (so Bean can keep sleeping) and bring her out to the couch. We lay there… in the dark… and let her talk and squirm until she is ready to go back to sleep. This usually takes about an hour. Although last night she only woke up to eat and went right back to sleep. Let’s hope that continues!

She discovered her new favorite food – sweet potatoes. I picked them up at the orchard and baked them for the girls. They loved them right away! I am told their Uncle Pat loves them also, so maybe he will give me a couple good recipes using them. Right now she is playing quietly be herself while her sister finishes napping. She has a little book in her Elmo Walker. She is too cute wearing her little hat her Grandma Jo made her.

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  1. awwe they are too cute! getting soo big! seems as tho it were yesterday you announced you were pregnant! yay for their first halloween! heres to many many more years of fun! *hugs* to you all!

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