Traveling with twins takes A LOT of planning – part one

My husband’s brother is getting married in Houston in March and it will be the first time we are flying anywhere with the girls. This poses some logistical questions about travel. Do we buy them their own seats on the plane, or attempt to make the journey with them in our laps? Do we buy disposable diapers while we are there, or travel with our cloth and find a way to wash them in Houston? How much luggage can we actually take with us??

I began to research baby rental sites for things we will need such as a crib or pack and play, and of course two car seats. These companies were easy to find, and actually are very convenient, even able to meet you at the airport to deliver most items. Here is a link I found in case you are interested in checking them out.

However, as I was pricing just these three items (play yard and two car seats) I started to wonder how good of a price it actually was. I found that the car seats for 22-40 pound babies were $10/day. Great, except two of those for multiple days add up quickly. Two car seats, plus one play yard, plus delivery fees and tax turned out to be $159.13 for just 3 days.

Since we recently bought their next stage car seats I know for a fact that you can get good toddler car seats BRAND NEW for less than $50. Since my in-laws live in Waco and might possibly just be driving down to Houston for the wedding I started wondering if maybe we would be better off to just buy new seats for the girls and leave them in Waco. If we made even one trip there before they outgrew the seats it would be a better deal. So I started checking around. I found this car seat on sale at Sears, for only $35 and it lasts up to 80 pounds! And this play yard also new for $35. The total for these items plus tax and shipping was $131.15. For less than a 3 day rental, we could have all three items to keep and use for years to come.

The lesson learned? Always do your research!

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  1. You are your mother’s daughter! That’s a good thing!


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