All About Bear – 10/21

Last night we got a pretty nice little storm come through Las Vegas. There was thunder and lightening and even rain. The girls both are completely apathetic about thunder. Every time there was a big clap we would look to them to see if they needed comfort. They, however, could not care less. As the rain started to really come down we opened the front door so they could watch. I noticed that the water was quickly rising on our front porch and was nearing the door. Since we have only been in the house one year we started to wonder if this area could possibly flood in a heavy rain. So we stood there watching to keep and eye on it. Our house did not flood, thankfully, but as we watched the Bear decided to make a break for it. She was determined to get out into the water. It is exactly her personality. Curious, adventurous, fearless, persistent.

She is cutting a new tooth right now. A top one. She is handling it much better than the first two and is hardly fussing at all. She has been waking up a few times at night, which is very unusual for her. She started saying “Mama”, although not necessarily to me yet. It has been a lot of fun listening to her finding her voice and experimenting with different sounds. (and volumes!)  She also mouths sounds without actually making a noise – it is pretty funny. Especially when we are trying to get her to say “Dada”. She is trying so hard, but can only get the “mmm” and “ba” sounds to come out.

Today she is trying to help usher in fall by wearing a orange starry long-sleeve onsie and brown pants (with ruffles on the butt of course!). And later on we will see how much of a girly girl Bear will be. We are going to take her… shoe shopping! We are going to try and find little boots for the girls to wear during the winter. I am sure it will be an adventure no matter what happens. Life with twins always is.

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