I need a husband that won’t drive me crazy – 10/19

I must say I have loved doing these posts. Not only do I think they are fun and funny, but for some reason things are starting to change around here. Russell has been very sweet every monday (the day before I write these) and it makes me feel bad about picking on him. I don’t think it is intentional – he is just a good guy. Yesterday he cooked dinner, AND took the girls into the kitchen with him so I could have a few minutes of down time. He ALSO gave me a back rub. Pretty great, huh? Oh, and he did dishes after making dinner and didn’t even leave one soapy pot! I told you this blog is paying off!

But, alas, I must continue on my charge. So today my complaint is about the laundry. We have a laundry basket in our room, and while most of the time Russell can help his dirty clothes find the laundry hamper, he often doesn’t get them all the way into it. T-shirts, underwear, socks… I find all of them just hanging over the edge of the hamper. It drives me crazy!!!

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  1. You have it so good and I know you know it! Love, Mom

  2. […] has to be a joke. He knows I am writing my blog about him today and he is trying to be funny after last week’s post. Right? No. ” It was dark” he says “I couldn’t see.” This is what I […]

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