All About Bean – 10/18

Well, better late than never…

Miss Alyssa is doing fantastic. She had her first forward movement today, although it was only a little bit and consisted mostly of one knee and one foot action. She has found the puppy’s tail a great motivator. I don’t think she has a much interest in crawling as Kylie did. She is much more content to just sit and play than Kylie ever is.

Bean has been skipping a lot of afternoon/evening naps lately, and as a result has been fairly tired and cranky in the evenings. I think if the pattern continues we’ll just skip that afternoon nap altogether and make her bedtime a little earlier. I wouldn’t complain about that!

She had a very eventful weekend as we hosted the LV MoM’s yard sale. She got to meet a bunch of different moms and a couple other sets of twins, one of which she had a play date with yesterday. The twins, Kyden and Acacia are going to be three at the end of the year and Dawson will be one in just about two weeks. Possible future boyfriend? Who knows. Sparks weren’t exactly flying. I think she was more interested in his pacifier than she was him. He did keep trying to strip down to show her his awesome bod.  🙂 As I said before Bean had skipped her nap that afternoon and was not very pleasant for her play date. But I think we all had fun none the less.

She was especially cute today. She wore a coral color snow bunny type long sleeve onsie that her Daddy and I could not get enough of. Here is a pic of her to end the night:

she does still have two arms, the other one is just hidden 🙂

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