Adventures in Parenting – Pet Edition?

My dad and I both love this stupid movie called The Replacements. It is a football movie, but not your classic football movie. The players are all washed up “has been’s” who get called upon when the pro’s go on strike. They go through a lot of struggles to work together as a team and find their groove as players. It is very funny and worth the watch. Anyways, there is this scene during their first game together where one guy (a former sumo wrestler) has been eating eggs prior to hitting the field, only to find out that they are not sitting as well in his stomach as one might have hoped. He ends up throwing up in the middle of a huddle. When the quarterback (Keanu Reeves – I told you is was a stupid movie!) refuses to move the huddle more players end up getting sick just from being nearby.

I am totally that type of person. I don’t think I’ve ever actually thrown up from watching someone else get sick, but it definitely makes me feel pretty icky for quite a while. I know there are plenty of people out there like me, but did you ever wonder if animals are the same way? After last night I believe they are! You see, Rusty has been sick since yesterday afternoon and so he was restricted to the bathroom last night. Leila’s food dish is in the same bathroom, and throughout the night Tank frequently goes in there to steal some of her food. At about 5 this morning they were all having a “pet convention”  when Rusty came out of his kennel and started throwing up on the floor. Immediately Leila came darting out of the bathroom apparently to distance herself from Rusty. Tank however was semi trapped due to Rusty’s kennel blocking the door and his position. Not more than 30 seconds after Rusty finished getting sick Tank started to throw up as well! It was kinda funny actually. He must have been like “Oh man… Gross!”

Tank on top, Leila in the middle, Rusty on the bottom

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