Yay for nail art!

Sorry I missed a post yesterday. I’ll make up for it with two today!

Way back in January my awesome mother gave me manicure/pedicure gift cards for the year as a baby shower present. (I highly recommend this gift for any other moms to be!) So day before yesterday I went and took a little time for myself and got my nails done. Last time I went I was lucky enough to get a new girl by accident (the girl who was taking care of me could not do a little flower, despite three attempts – so she finally called in for reinforcements). Her name is Christina Carletto, and I love her. She is super cute and very friendly — I think it is weird when I spend two hours with someone and they barely say two words to me — and best of all, she loves to do nail art. I LOVE nail art. She is so fun and creative and willing to try new things all the time. Right now I have a mocha-y color on my toes and she did an autumn leaf with like green vines and stuff on my big toe nail. Very cool. On my ring finger she did a purple flower with sparkly silver accents over a coral color. I’ve tried to take some pictures, but the just don’t do it justice. Anyways, if you live in Vegas I highly recommend checking her out. Here is her facebook page where you can request an appointment and see some of her work.

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