I need a husband that won’t drive me crazy – 10/12

I say it every week, but let me say it again – I  have an amazing husband who I love very much. These posts are just for fun… he even comes up with some of them himself. On Tuesday mornings sometimes he will leave a cabinet or something open and ask if I need any new material 🙂

But today I am not going to complain about anything left open! Shocking, I know. Today my complaint is about Russell doing dishes. (are you saying “I wish my husband even did dishes” yet?) You see, whenever my dear husband does dishes he always leaves one pot wish soapy water still in the sink. He says it is in case there are any dishes he doesn’t see he can wash them without using more soap. Fine, I guess, in theory except that there are rarely any dishes left behind. So then since there are no more dishes to do that one pot just sits in my sink. An almost clean kitchen tainted by that one straggler, soapy pot.

It drives me crazy!!!

On a side note: my wonderful brother called me after last week’s post and informed me the next time he comes to visit he is going to leave every cabinet open about 1 inch. Thanks, Pat. I love you too!

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