All About Bean – 10/11

Well, our poor little Bean this morning got sick for the first time since the girls have been eating solid foods. Russell had gotten up and tried to feed the girls breakfast (which wasn’t very successful since they had eaten bottles at 6am) and when he was finished we took a family trip up to get some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. On our way up there I happened to look back at Bean’s mirror right as she threw up. 😦 It was a winner too since she had only eaten yogurt for breakfast. Needless to say our car smells wonderful right now, as does Bean’s car seat.

On a happier note, she is getting close to crawling. She is doing a lot of the lunging and backwards crawling Kylie did before she really took off. Lissie is a lot better at precision rolling than Bear was. And she seems to be a little braver, exploring over near our bedroom and down the hall towards their room. She does have a few common spots in the house that she ends up, which we call Lissie’s corners. We are thinking about making little signs…

Anyways, she is napping now and will hopefully feel better this afternoon.

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  1. Well, sounds like ‘volcanic’ vomit still rules…never know when it’s going to erupt! Just have to be prepared…and have the ‘summit’ aimed in the right direction! Ha. Never fatal…and always a true surprise…

    Can’t wait to see you and the girls…


  2. awwe poor lil thing.. hope she feels better. I can’t even begin to tell you how may times my kids have decided to “toss their cookies” while in the car.. cleaning the car seats are a pain in the butt that’s for sure.

    I was just looking back at the pics you first posted when they weren’t even a month. Can you believe how fast they grow and change? Its amazing and heart warming to see them change and grow.. meet new milestones.. yet bitter sweet 🙂 *hugs* to you all


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