All About Bear – 10/8

Sorry for the late post everybody! Yesterday was a little crazy. Russell had the whole day off for the first time in a couple of weeks and I needed to get some serious cleaning done. Also, it was the last day I had to write my reviews and get my $25 Amazon gift card… so those took priority. I’ll try to make two posts today to make up for it 🙂

Well, it is 4am right now and I am awake… again. I only got to bed after 1am. Don’t I have nearly 8 month old babies? Shouldn’t I be somewhere past these sleepless nights? The Bear has actually only been up twice but even that in uncommon for her. She is my good night-time sleeper. It is more unusual for her to wake up once than it is for her to sleep a good 10+ hours straight, now if only her sister would join her in that!

Bear has finally started to explore outside of our living room and has discovered a love affair with the pet’s water bowl. I guess we’ll need to find another solution for giving the pets water as she is a little young to fully understand “no”. There have already been a number of occasions where she has tipped the bowl onto herself and needed a new outfit. Her increased mobility was also the cause of my deep cleaning of the house. Yes, since they were born I have slacked off a little in keeping it perfectly clean all the time, but she was finding dust bunnies and clumps of pet hair all over the place and something needed to be done!

She is what we call a “people climber”, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. She loves to climb up all over people. Legs, arms, chests – it is all fair game when she is around. And not to be upstaged by her sister, Kylie also decided to pull herself into the standing position… even if it required a little help with foot placement from Daddy.

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