Turn! Turn! Turn!

As The Byrds sang (and Ecclesiastes told us before that) to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

In our home today we are experiencing a couple of “new seasons”. First of all, today is Oct. 1st which to me means the day I get to decorate for fall and for Halloween! Even though it is still predicted to be in the mid 90s today, the weather seems to have gotten the message that it is no longer summer. It is overcast, and even drizzling a little. The forecast also has us in the 70s-80s over the next week!

The other big change taking place is the removal of the changing table, and the setting up of the second crib in the nursery. I can’t believe my little girls have already outgrown the changing table. They bump their heads, and are always trying to roll off… so it is time to say goodbye to it. With that gone from the nursery we will have room for the second crib. And while this does not mean we are necessarily separating the girls at night, it does give us the option on certain nights if the need arises.

For those of you who know me well, I do not always embrace change that well, and this is no exception. While I am very proud of my girls for growing and developing so well, it also makes me very sad to see some of these changes take place. The changing table was one of the very first things we had set up in the nursery. I would sit in there and imagine having my little babies in there with me. Has so much time really passed that we no longer have a need for it? And to think of them sleeping separately makes me long for the days when they would be snuggled together under one receiving blanket (folded in half!). I wonder how they will feel about it too. Will they be glad to not be kicked or poked and awakened throughout the night, or will they wake up and feel scared and lonely? Since Kylie came home there has not been a night they haven’t slept together, and since they can’t tell me how they feel I just have to wonder (and worry) for myself.

These feelings are not limited to big changes such as this. I feel a pinch of sadness every time the girls outgrow another set of clothes. I try to make them stay in clothes as long as possible because I am not ready to say goodbye to them.

I wonder if other moms out there feel the same way I do… and is it weird to become sentimentally attached to your children’s clothing?

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  1. Funny, isn’t this (some of) the stuff we used to make fun of mom doing? To every thing there is a season. I bet in their own unspoken twin language, they are laughing at you now. Sorry.

  2. I do the same thing with my son’s clothing. They outgrow things so quickly and you spend so much time picking out cute clothes…it’s hard to see the clothes go. But on the other hand…it’s always fun to wear the new clothes that didn’t fit before because they were too big. And it’s a great excuse to go shopping for new stuff!

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  4. […] other news…. Lissie pulled herself up to standing all on her own! The day I got the new crib set up we let the girls sit and play in it for a little bit while we enjoyed some ice cream. We […]

  5. […] other news…. Lissie pulled herself up to standing all on her own! The day I got the new crib set up we let the girls sit and play in it for a little bit while we enjoyed some ice cream. We […]

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