All About Bean – 9/20

Alyssa just woke up from her morning nap, 2 minutes after her grandparents left. I went in to check on her, and saw my phone on the nightstand. I didn’t want someone to call and wake her up so I went in to get it. As I picked it up I looked over and there were two beautiful blue eyes looking back at me. She hadn’t moved at all, but was just laying there watching me. So now she is spending a few minutes feeling like an only child while her sister still sleeps.

Alyssa was our “baby A” for the 23 weeks between when we found out we were having twins, to the day we learned we had two little girls. The hospital still called her BGA (Baby Girl A) until she left the NICU, but we knew her as Alyssa. Now her nickname is Bean. She is a beautiful, sweet little girl. She is a momma’s girl to her core, but has opened up more to her Daddy and to others. She makes you work a little harder for her smiles and laughs than her sister does. She loves to eat (her favorite foods are carrots and nectarines) and hates to nap – she is always afraid she is going to miss something. She is much more vocal than Kylie and always has something to say (or yell about). Bean is a typical older sister… she came home first,  rolled over first, and got her first tooth first. But she has let Kylie try a few things before her too.

I guess she has had enough of feeling like an only child. She is shrieking at the top of her lungs… I can only assume she is trying to wake her sister up.

She was successful. 🙂

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LV MOM’s Fall Picnic

Today was the Las Vegas Mothers of Multiples fall picnic. It was the second event our whole family has gone to since I joined the club. I had such a good time. Russell, the girls and his parents were all there too, but I don’t think they enjoyed it quite as much as I did.

Being around other twin parents is so much fun because we can share stories from early births, to NICU stays, to twin behavior, to stupid questions people ask us. And it is so nice to be in a place where having twins is the norm and for me to not feel like we are on display. I am very thankful to have found this group, and that it has so many wonderful ladies in it for me to get to know better.

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Spotted: The Pope !?!

It was not my intention to borrow another idea from 7x7xmommy, this one happened on accident. I don’t plan to make “Spotted” a regular addition to my posts, but I could not let this one slide.

My in-laws are in town this weekend and took us out to dinner last night at Bucca di Beppo. We had a very delicious dinner, although I spent about half the meal in the bathroom waiting for the handicapped restroom to open up. Note to people out there- If you are not handicapped and there are two moms with babies waiting for the ONE stall that has a changing station… do not use that stall. Especially if all the other ones are open!!!

Anyways, Bucca has a very fun atmosphere with a lot of decorations, mostly Italian themed. The room we were in just happened to be right next to a small room (sat about 10 people at one table) decorated will paintings/pictures and all things The Pope. We thought this was funny enough, until my father-in-law stood up. In the center of the table there was a near life-size sculpture bust of The Pope.         In a glass case.           That rotated.

There were people sitting at the table celebrating a birthday actually, but I asked if I could take a picture of the sculpture and they agreed… so here you go! Check out what I spotted 🙂

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Chicken trimmings and lemonade-soaked bread with my ice cream!

Last night Russell updated my facebook without me knowing about it, claiming I was excited about chicken trimmings and lemonade-soaked bread with my ice cream. This, of course, is not true. There was a progression of inside jokes that led to this status update but it all began with something I was actually going to blog about anyways.

Russell and I are dessert people. We have something for dessert almost every night. Usually that includes some type of ice cream. So to save ourselves from going to Golden Spoon or Dairy Queen all the time, we have come up with our own tradition at home. I buy one of those huge tubs of store brand vanilla ice cream, and TOPPINGS! I almost always just add crumbled Reese’s to mine, but sometimes I mix it up. I’ll add strawberries or mango and made a shake in the blender, or I’ll pour root beer or orange soda over it to make floats. All these sound pretty yummy, huh? Well, my husband also adds things to his ice cream. Sometimes it is simple like blueberries or something, but most of the time he adds a lot of different flavors. I don’t always think they go together (or maybe I just think there is too much going on for him to be able to taste any one of them). For example, the other night he added peanut butter, chocolate powder, oatmeal raisin cookie crumbs, sunflower seed kernels and coffee grounds. Too much? I thought so.

Do you think his concoction sounds delicious? What would you add to your ice cream??

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All About Bear – 9/16

As I write today’s blog my little one is sitting in her pink, Metro K-9 onsie with the slogan “Jaws with Paws Enforce’n the Laws”, playing wonderfully by herself. This is one of the joys of having twins- they are very independent. They both can be left alone in a room for extended periods and they will happily play with their staking rings,  pillow pets, or their “who loves baby?” book. And these days by “play” I mean “chew”. 🙂 But enough about my twins, this post is titled All About Bear!

Bear is Kylie’s nickname. Don’t ask me where it came from, it just appeared one day and stuck around. She is such an amazing little girl with a big heart. I guess since this is my first post All About Bear, I’ll start at the very beginning. From the time I was 11 weeks pregnant she was know as “baby B”. In early Feb. the girls made their debut, much to my displeasure, at only 34 weeks gestation. Kylie was born 2 minutes after her sister at 8:13am. She was a full half pound bigger weighing in at 4lb 12 oz. She was kept in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for a very long 25 days. She spent the first couple months of her life dealing with severe reflux that caused her to choke while she was eating. But she was always a trooper and put weight on beautifully. She is now in the 50-75% for weight!

She cut two little front teeth just 3 days apart at the beginning of this month, but has yet to start growing some real hair :/ Kylie is so close to crawling it’s driving us crazy! I have the video camera out and charged everyday so we won’t miss it. She mostly pushes herself backwards when she tries to crawl, but has mastered rolling around the room to get to what she wants.

Our little Bear has also gotten much better at hibernating at night- last night she went a full 12 hours between meals. And her personality is SO fun! She loves to be tickled, and startled, and even scared. She’s pretty much fearless, and will laugh at things that would make most babies cry. She has discovered her voice, mostly in the form of shrieking. But is such a sweetheart.  Two nights ago she woke up early and wanted to eat. I got up and fed her and then tried to burp her over my shoulder. She decided she didn’t need to burp, but buried her face into my neck, snuggled up and quickly fell asleep. I held like that for at least 10 min. because she was just too sweet to set down.

As I finish this post she is starting to show signs that a nap is in her near future, but as always, has a big smile for her momma.

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Cloth Diapering part 2

Many people know I am passionate about cloth diapering our twins. I won’t go into all the reasons in this post, you can check it out in Cloth Diapers part 1 found here. The purpose of today’s post is to actually help you get started. Recently many people have been asking exactly what my home set up is like, so here it is, with links included 🙂

We have 36 Unbleached Cotton Diaper Rite Prefolds found here. Currently we are still using the Newborn size meant to fit up to 12 pounds. Our girls are 16+ but I figured as long as they still work, I’m still using them!

We have 6 Thirsites covers in the small size found here. I LOVE these covers, they are the best I have tried!

We have 2 diaper pail liners found here. These we use to store the diapers in between washes. I just wash them when I wash the diapers. One to store, and one to use while the other one is in the wash. The bags just fit into a basic kitchen size trashcan.

I have tried cloth wipes, although I won’t give you any links here as I have not found any I really like. I feel like they are too thick to clean properly in all cracks and crevices. If you know of any that are great please let me know.

Please make sure if you wash these diapers yourself you use the correct soap. NO bleach, fabric softeners, dyes or perfumes! We have used Sun Free and Clear and All Small & Mighty Free and Clear found just at our local grocery store and were mostly happy with both. We did have to run extra rinses and strip from time to time. Now I buy our detergent from Ruby Moon and have been really happy. Here is a website where you can check your current detergent. Also, the tote bags and covers should only be put in the dryer about once a month- too much will break down the waterproof layers. Line drying the diapers will also extend their life!

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A Change of Seasons

Before the first leaf falls, or the temperature drops (it’s still in the 90’s in Las Vegas) there is a sign that fall is coming. In this house that means that Tank, our cat, leaves his night-time post on his cat tower and comes to sleep on my shoulder. He only does this in the winter months… I think because it is too hot in the summer. But it is my favorite thing he does. He snuggles up with me just like when he was a kitten, and his purring lulls me to sleep. Since two nights ago he joined me (for only a few minutes) it tells me it is almost time to put away the shorts and pull out my sweaters and Uggs. Fall is on the way!

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Welcome to the world!

I’d like to introduce to you one of the newest little people out there… Desmond Hellar. He is the son of Erin and Shaun and the little brother to big sister Aubrey. He was born Sept. 11, 2010 at 12:37pm. He was 8lb 8oz and 20.5 inches. Congrats to the whole family, and welcome to the world Des!

here is a pic of Aubrey, just because she’s so cute!

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Tonight I found myself in a weird situation. My daughters were both in bed sleeping before 10 and I (for once) had nothing to do.  I started thinking about this blog and feeling like a total slacker for only making like 10 posts in the last 4 months. I don’t always feel like I have anything to say worth reading, so I rarely post. On the other hand, I very much enjoy reading others blogs, even when they have nothing to say… so I am feeling a new-found commitment to posting (almost) everyday. No promises!

This recent inspiration is mostly due to my fabulous cousin Ali. She writes a very entertaining blog that I never miss. You should check her out at She has been very diligent in posting everyday, even if the post is about her belly button lint.  🙂 Seriously… check it out. She does do a few posts the same every week, i.e. Sunday Cravings and The Bump Report, and I LOVE this idea. I am going to try it out with a few of my own. All About Bean and All About Bear (one for each of my girls- what they are up to those days) and one my husband named I Need a Husband That Won’t Drive Me Crazy (where I list some of the little things my husband does that “drives me crazy”). Anyways, Ali- this is for you… You are inspiring me to be a better blogger. I hope I don’t let you down!

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