I need a husband that won’t drive me crazy- 9/28

It is time for another installment of “I need a husband that won’t drive me crazy”, although in good conscience I can’t write one today. This week my husband has been especially great so I can’t even complain about the little things. So instead I’ll mention a few of the cool things he did.

Last night right as we were crawling into bed for the night our dog Rusty started throwing up. Awesome, right? It’s late, we finally got the girls down, we are tired and ready for bed and now have to deal with a sick dog. Anyways, he completely took care of it himself and let me stay in bed!

And, the toilet paper in our bathroom ran out over the weekend. There wasn’t even any under the sink. Not only did he refill it- he had to go out to the garage to get more to refill it! As if that wasn’t enough, he even put the toilet roll on correctly (so the paper comes over the top).

So, in light of these two events, I’m going to skip my usual post this week and just say how thankful I am to be married to a wonderful man. I love you sweetheart!

Also, I want to know how you like your toilet paper hanging… the right way, or the wrong way?

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  1. Right way and that is a sweet post. Yay for helpful husbands.

  2. I am not picky on the toilet paper, as long as its there when I sit down there is no problem. If its not there…..time to replace the shower curtain. JK. If there is a cat in the house the wrong way is insurance that you won’t find the entire roll strewn about the bathroom, depending on the cat, so in that situation does the wrong way become the right way, and the right way would be incorrect? Like I said, as long as its there, there is no problem. I have bigger concerns. Like why does Baby Lo’s breath smell like dead animal.

  3. I would have to go with the wrong way. Which in my case has become the right way. I know from experience that cats are not the only ones that will get into the toilet paper. Trust me you will find out….
    When my oldest was about 1 and a half – going on 2, I tried to start potty training. She would sit in the bathroom on her potty. And me thinking okay I have baby proofed everything. She got into the toilet paper, rolling it all over her and the floor. From that day on…. It was the wrong way ever since.

  4. […] was tempted to do a post like last week because Russell watched the girls for me last night so I could go to my LV MoM’s meeting. […]

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