All About Bean – 9/27

Russell got the girls dressed this morning before I got up. You might be thinking “uh oh”, but actually he is great at picking out their outfits. Today he has Bean wearing a white shirt with little slices of fruit on one sleeve and what I call their creamsicle pants. They are orange and white stripped. Very cute!

We had some family in town this weekend… my dad, step-mom and my grandmother. Bean had a lot of fun playing with them all, and they were very entertained by her. She does a little bounce when she sits and gets excited. While the Bear is off trying to crawl Lissie is perfectly happy to sit in one place, bounce, and play with the toys that surround her. All the while she is babbling and talking and shrieking. Another funny thing Bean does is shake her head as if saying “no”. She doesn’t actually mean “no”, I think she just likes the way things look when she does it, but it can be very funny when you are talking to her and it looks like she is disagreeing with you. “O.k. It is time for your sister to have a diaper change” (shakes head no), “Let’s have some carrots for lunch” (shakes head no). She always has such a serious face when she does it too. She is so funny!

Last night we made a trip to Wal-mart and to Lowe’s right before bedtime. When we got home she surprised us by taking only 1/2 a bottle, falling asleep at 8pm and not waking up until 6am! I guess home improvements can be tiring!

You may have read that Bear was messing with Bean while she was sleeping the other morning… Well, while we had our house guests this weekend, the girls were displaced by their great-grandmother and had to sleep in the pack ‘n play in our room. I guess it is a little smaller than their crib and Alyssa decided she needed a little more than her share of the bed. I guess with twins it can go both ways…

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  1. So Alyssa’s nickname is Bean and Kylie’s nickname is Bear? I’m confused.

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