All About Bear – 9/23

Kylie is our little mischief-maker. You can see it in her eyes… she’s gonna be trouble. Even now before she can crawl she still manages to roll and scoot her way around to get into all sorts of things she shouldn’t. Her new obsession is power cords. The laptop, my breast pump, the cable. If there is a cord she wants to get to it, and she wants to chew on it.

She woke up this morning and played in the crib for a little while before she made any noise to let us know she was awake. Which sounds really sweet, except for the fact that her idea of playing was trying to rearrange her sister’s face – while Bean was still sleeping. Russell managed to get some pictures of her caught red-handed.

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  1. […] may have read that Bear was messing with Bean while she was sleeping the other morning… Well, while we had our house guests this weekend, […]

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