Spotted: The Pope !?!

It was not my intention to borrow another idea from 7x7xmommy, this one happened on accident. I don’t plan to make “Spotted” a regular addition to my posts, but I could not let this one slide.

My in-laws are in town this weekend and took us out to dinner last night at Bucca di Beppo. We had a very delicious dinner, although I spent about half the meal in the bathroom waiting for the handicapped restroom to open up. Note to people out there- If you are not handicapped and there are two moms with babies waiting for the ONE stall that has a changing station… do not use that stall. Especially if all the other ones are open!!!

Anyways, Bucca has a very fun atmosphere with a lot of decorations, mostly Italian themed. The room we were in just happened to be right next to a small room (sat about 10 people at one table) decorated will paintings/pictures and all things The Pope. We thought this was funny enough, until my father-in-law stood up. In the center of the table there was a near life-size sculpture bust of The Pope.         In a glass case.           That rotated.

There were people sitting at the table celebrating a birthday actually, but I asked if I could take a picture of the sculpture and they agreed… so here you go! Check out what I spotted 🙂

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