Chicken trimmings and lemonade-soaked bread with my ice cream!

Last night Russell updated my facebook without me knowing about it, claiming I was excited about chicken trimmings and lemonade-soaked bread with my ice cream. This, of course, is not true. There was a progression of inside jokes that led to this status update but it all began with something I was actually going to blog about anyways.

Russell and I are dessert people. We have something for dessert almost every night. Usually that includes some type of ice cream. So to save ourselves from going to Golden Spoon or Dairy Queen all the time, we have come up with our own tradition at home. I buy one of those huge tubs of store brand vanilla ice cream, and TOPPINGS! I almost always just add crumbled Reese’s to mine, but sometimes I mix it up. I’ll add strawberries or mango and made a shake in the blender, or I’ll pour root beer or orange soda over it to make floats. All these sound pretty yummy, huh? Well, my husband also adds things to his ice cream. Sometimes it is simple like blueberries or something, but most of the time he adds a lot of different flavors. I don’t always think they go together (or maybe I just think there is too much going on for him to be able to taste any one of them). For example, the other night he added peanut butter, chocolate powder, oatmeal raisin cookie crumbs, sunflower seed kernels and coffee grounds. Too much? I thought so.

Do you think his concoction sounds delicious? What would you add to your ice cream??

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  1. Nina…I’m typically a fro-yo girl, but the other night I had an interesting mix…we had cookies’n’cream ice cream in the house and I topped it off with Cocoa Crispies…it was actually quite delicious! The added crunch was superb! 🙂

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