Cloth Diapering part 2

Many people know I am passionate about cloth diapering our twins. I won’t go into all the reasons in this post, you can check it out in Cloth Diapers part 1 found here. The purpose of today’s post is to actually help you get started. Recently many people have been asking exactly what my home set up is like, so here it is, with links included 🙂

We have 36 Unbleached Cotton Diaper Rite Prefolds found here. Currently we are still using the Newborn size meant to fit up to 12 pounds. Our girls are 16+ but I figured as long as they still work, I’m still using them!

We have 6 Thirsites covers in the small size found here. I LOVE these covers, they are the best I have tried!

We have 2 diaper pail liners found here. These we use to store the diapers in between washes. I just wash them when I wash the diapers. One to store, and one to use while the other one is in the wash. The bags just fit into a basic kitchen size trashcan.

I have tried cloth wipes, although I won’t give you any links here as I have not found any I really like. I feel like they are too thick to clean properly in all cracks and crevices. If you know of any that are great please let me know.

Please make sure if you wash these diapers yourself you use the correct soap. NO bleach, fabric softeners, dyes or perfumes! We have used Sun Free and Clear and All Small & Mighty Free and Clear found just at our local grocery store and were mostly happy with both. We did have to run extra rinses and strip from time to time. Now I buy our detergent from Ruby Moon and have been really happy. Here is a website where you can check your current detergent. Also, the tote bags and covers should only be put in the dryer about once a month- too much will break down the waterproof layers. Line drying the diapers will also extend their life!

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  1. We found that the infant wash cloths that come 8 or 10 to a package make great wipes. They’re thinner and smaller than a lot of the intended cloth wipes. I keep them in a drawer, run them under warm water when we need them and we’re good to go. They’re not super bulky to add to the work load of the dryer either.

    • I have thought about that as I have been folding them before. I’ll have to give them a try, thanks! I actually made a basic wipe solution that I put in an old soap pump bottle, but just didn’t like the wipes so we stopped using it.

  2. got it all ordered! Thanks for the help.

  3. […] reasons why to use cloth click here, and for a suggested starter list and basic laundering click here. Today’s post is more tips for the current user. If you have any other questions please feel […]

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