Let’s give this a shot…

So I have decided to enter the world of blogging. Oh boy! My life has gotten so fun these past few years and months that I decided to start keeping track for myself and for my family and friends.

Anyways, my twin girls are 4 months old today. It has gone by so amazingly fast I cannot believe it. But they are beautiful and funny and driving me crazy today 🙂 They have decided they hate day time naps. Or one will decide she finally wants to sleep and her sister will wake her up. And then vice versa. All day long.

But I don’t have to wait long for help to arrive. Day after tomorrow my husband’s parents and brothers are coming for a weekend visit. His brother Chris is the l of the girls’ uncles that they haven’t met yet, so I am very excited for that. I have pictures and video of everyone else holding them for the first time so it will be fun to continue that tradition. So they’ll be heading out again on Monday, which is when my Dad, Grandmother, and possibly my step-mom will be arriving. I love living in a place where it is so easy for people to visit!

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